LinkedIn offers the possibility to send notifications simultaneously to all our community members. Such targeted notifications are indeed a very effective marketing technique if you want to advertise your products or ideas, since they have a much higher probability of being noticed and read by the community members compared to generic posts.


We at Quantum Server have access to two large community networks of computational scientists and engineers: first of all there is our main Quantum Server group with around 1300 (and growing!) members accessible here, and secondly there is an even larger group specialized in computational material science with around 4900 members accessible here. In total there are thus more than 6000 computational scientists and engineers who are potentially reachable at the same time! This indeed represents a golden marketing opportunity.


If you would like to send a LinkedIn notification to all these community members, please send me an email at with detailed instructions about the message that you would like to send. We charge a fee of 5 Euros per message to send notifications on the Quantum Server group, and a fee of 10 Euros per message on the larger computational material science group. Please note that to avoid spamming accusations, we might be obliged to limit the frequency at which we send out these notifications to our community members.

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