Would you like to present your research or ideas on any computational science or engineering topic of your choice to an audience of like-minded specialists? Quantum Server Networks gives the opportunity to anyone to perform such presentations in the form of online webinars!

If you would like to register to give your own presentation, then please enter the corresponding information regarding the proposed webinar in the below shared spreadsheet (please note that we allow only for one webinar per day at most):

Once an event has been approved to be presented, we will then proceed to advertising it via our numerous dissemination channels. Note that we allow a maximum of 100 participants per webinar, and that each webinar is not expected to last for more than 1 hour (excluding any Q&A discussion at the end).

All webinars will always take place under the below link (via the Zoom video-conferencing software):


All Webinars will normally be recorded and then uploaded on our YouTube channel for even more visibility!

Our first Webinar recording on YouTube:

The next webinar in the series will be the one shown under the link below (please check its updates regularly):

​For all queries:

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