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QUANTUM SERVER: a new way of doing science!


The primary objective of the Quantum Server project is to provide a collaborative networking platform bringing together researchers who are active in the field of the computational study of material, physical, chemical, biological, medical, geological, technological or engineering systems. We do in fact believe that multiscale computational projects lend themselves very well to online collaborations. The user community stems from all realms of academia, government research centers and private corporate enterprises, motivated by an enthusiasm in advertising their own R&D activities and an interest in asking for experts' opinions on various relevant issues affecting their computational efforts. We hope that, by facilitating collaborations between researchers and captains of industry, the Quantum Server project will contribute to the continued evolution, development and growth of these very important computational branches of science, technology and engineering.

Quantum Server particularly welcomes protagonists from the following industrial sectors and areas of research to become part of our network:



Chemical products, polymers, rubbers and plastics

Adhesives, Coatings, Paints and Foams




Electronics and Semiconductors

Engineering Materials, Alloys, Steels and Metallurgy

Composite Materials and Ceramics

Mineralogy and Crystallography

Medical Devices

Batteries and Energy Storage

Photovoltaics and Solar Panels

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Scientific Software Development and Scientific Computing

Petroleum and Lubricants

Automation and Robotics


Scientific Instrumentation

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Quantum Computing

High Performance Computing

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