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Communication - Documentation - Marketing - Event Organization

Based on my personal experience with the following projects and start-up companies in the world of scientific computing commercial applications:

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Are you a representative from an innovative start-up company, SME or public research institution active in computational chemistry or materials science applications, and are you looking for new ways to expand your business, research or products? I can certainly help you with that! My name is Gabriele Mogni, I am the founder of the Quantum Server project, and I am a professional researcher in computational materials science with a Ph.D from Oxford University in the field of atomistic simulations (you can read more about me on the "Who We Are" page on this website).

I am already registered as an independent freelance consultant in my country of residence (Belgium), and therefore I am immediately available to collaborate with your company or institution remotely and on a project-by-project basis. In particular, I am available to work on any of the following roles:

- Support Scientist: I can produce written documentation, as well as video tutorials, for explaining your product or platform. You can find some examples of this type of work that I did for the materials discovery cloud platform under the following links: online documentation, and video tutorials. Furthermore, you can find some additional examples of divulgative blog posts that I made for another similar start-up company called Virtual Lab Inc., that also develop a materials simulation cloud platform called Materials Square, under the following links:

- Application Scientist, Contract Research and Postdoctoral Research: I can help your company, research institution or academic group, to conduct atomistic materials or chemicals simulations and calculations. The atomistic and ab-initio codes that I'm familiar with are: VASP, QUANTUM ESPRESSO, CASTEP, ABINIT, and LAMMPS.


- Marketing and Outreach Campaigns: I can help conduct marketing and dissemination campaigns for advertising and communicating your product or services, and to find new clients and/or partners, thanks to my extensive network of contacts in the world of scientific computing. I can do so with the help of platforms such as LinkedIn, for instance, where I administer several large groups on computational science topics, with many thousands of members each.

- Conferences and Events: I can help your company or organization connect with the European materials and chemicals modelling community, via the organization and participation of events (online or in real life) such as workshops, meetings, webinars, conferences, video-calls, visits etc... Europe is in fact home to one of the world's largest and most dynamic communities in this field, and I happen to be located in Brussels (Belgium), which is at the geographical center of a lively R&D ecosystem, especially in the field of ab-initio electronic structure modeling (e.g. the SIESTA group in San Sebastian, Spain, the CASTEP group in Cambridge, UK, the ABINIT group in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, the VASP group in Vienna, Austria, the Quantum Espresso group in Trieste, Italy, the MARVEL group in Lausanne, Switzerland etc...) Many of these stakeholders in materials modeling are in fact involved in the activities of the EMMC, of which I am also an active member, as well as in the European Network of Centers of Excellence in computational science. Finally, Brussels is home to numerous European Union institutions managing the EU's Horizon Europe research program (the world's largest single multi-annual budget for R&D of nearly 100 billion euros), including most notably the European Research Council and the European Innovation Council. Please see also the CORDIS search engine to search through the list of ongoing EU Horizon projects.


- Technology Transfer: I can assist you in assessing the commercial potential and viability of your scientific computing ideas or academic research, based on my personal experience with industrial applications and business plan development in materials and molecular modelling. In case you have plans to create a spin-off company, I can thus potentially participate as a co-founder, and help your new company to become established in the market and scale-up.

In case of interest, please contact me at my email address:

Furthermore, in case you have an R&D project in mind for which I'm not personally particularly competent, I have access to numerous large social media groups gathering together a large pool of experts in all realms of computational science and engineering techniques. Hence it should be relatively straightforward in this way to find relevant expert consultants for any kind of project outsourcing!

Finally, please see below the list of popular remote-work programs or platforms with which I'm already familiar, and through which I can engage effectively in remote collaborations with project partners from all around the world:

  • Zoom or Microsoft Teams for remote video-conferencing calls

  • TeamViewer for controlling other computers remotely via Remote Desktop interface

  • Slack for professional instant messaging team discussions

  • JIRA for task-management and general project organization (or Asana for a free alternative)

  • Overleaf for collaboratively editing latex documents online

  • SSH and SCP for accessing and controlling remote supercomputing clusters and transferring data

  • Google Drive or Dropbox for the online sharing of large amounts of data

  • AWS EC2 for performing demanding simulations through the power of cloud computing

  • GitHub for sharing and editing collaboratively the source code of programs

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