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Are you a researcher or Ph.D student in scientific computing applications, and looking for new ways to commercialize your ideas by launching for example a new innovative start-up company? Alternatively, are you simply looking for employment opportunities in existing computational science start-up companies, in order to discover alternative career paths compared to purely academic research, which would still value your Ph.D knowledge and research experience? In that case, feel free to contact me at the following e-mail address, in order to organize some video-calls together for example, and to see if I can be of any help:

I would in fact be more than happy to provide you with valuable advices and insights on how to approach this world of scientific start-ups, based on my own personal business experience as a freelance consultant for companies such as Mat3ra, and more recently Goldbeck Consulting Ltd who is involved in the European Materials Modelling Council as well as some related H2020 EU projects, such as VIMMP, Marketplace and OpenModel. I am also currently collaborating with another similar South Korean start-up company called Virtual Lab Inc, as well as with the NOMAD Center of Excellence dedicated to bringing many of the materials modelling techniques towards the exascale.

For sources of inspiration with regard to new start-up ideas, please have a look at the following examples of private companies active in scientific computing product development displayed throughout the remainder of this webpage. The list below could also prove resourceful for young researchers in academia, looking for new long-term employment opportunities or short-term remote freelance projects of a different and commercial nature. In this case, I advise you to consult regularly the "Careers" sections in each one of the company links provided below. I also recommend consulting the job listings on both the Psi-k and websites, although the positions advertised there are for the most part of academic nature.

Please note that the below list of companies only covers start-ups and SMEs active in scientific computing. Of course, there are also numerous large multi-national corporations in the petroleum, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, engineering and materials industrial sectors that are heavily involved in modeling and simulation-based R&D. Some examples include of course Shell, Pfizer, BASF, Solvay, Bosch, Dow Chemicals, St Gobain, Siemens, etc... The listing of all such large corporations falls however well beyond the scope of the present webpage.

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