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QUANTUM SERVER: the marketplace for scientific computing ideas
With over 140,000 members between Facebook and LinkedIn!

Quantum Server is the web’s first networking platform specializing entirely in all branches of computational science and computational engineering. It allows researchers active in these fields to collaborate together on short-term computer-based programming, calculation, simulation and modelling projects of their choice. This is an ideal opportunity to be paid to work as a freelancer, find your perfect collaborators in industry, government or academia, propose and advertise new scientific or engineering computational projects, ideas or events, solve your computational problems by asking for experts' advice, and of course get extra authorship and citations on research papers!

Please spread the word among your colleagues and friends to help the Quantum Server community grow and reach its maximum potential!

See also the document below for some examples of the typical content that can be posted on the Quantum Server social media groups:




Computational, Science, Engineering, Social, Network, Scientific, Computing, Physics, Chemistry, Material, Biology, Scientist, Computer


The groups on Facebook and LinkedIn are designed for general forum-like discussions, the blog for advertising your research to the community, the YouTube channel for uploading and sharing video presentations, and finally the Google Drive folder for sharing posters and presentation files! Please click on the links below to find out more about each of these services. If you would like to contribute to the blog, YouTube channel or Google Drive folder please send an email to attaching all the content that you would like to share with the Quantum Server community.

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Greetings from Belgium!


Quantum Server Networks is based in Brussels, Belgium. As you can see below, this is an ideal location for doing computational crystallography, since it is home to the "Atomium" monument, the biggest model of a BCC unit cell oriented along the <111> axis in the world! (over 100m tall). Of course Brussels is also famous for the subsequent photo below, taken at the 1927 Solvay Conference (which took place in the current Parc Leopold next to the European Parliament) and gathering together all the founding fathers of Quantum Mechanics!






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